Search Engine Optimization

So what is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process to get your website on the first page of Google, this should not be confused as pay per click

This process is time consuming and can take any where from a few months to many, many years.

There are a few basic elements that will determent the sucess of you getting your website the first page of Google for example

  • The age of your website
  • What is your page rank
  • How often you provide fresh content
  • Do you have any links from other websites to your website
  • How is your website structured

So lets look at a few basic’s

The Age of your website

So why is this important, and how does it effect my position on Google?

Well this is a easy one, if you have a brand new website, it is going to take you longer to appear on Google compared to your competitors, and there would be a lot of work involved to achieve first page position compared to a website that has just been launched.

Fresh Content

This is important to any SEO campaign, you need to show that your website provides fresh content, this can be achieved by creating a news section on your website, showing viewers news articles relating to your service, or giving away free tips on a weekly basis, the new content should be on the home page of your website, and any other page you want to achieve a first page position on.


Matt Cutts works for Google, and agrees that getting quality links from websites, that says “hey this site is great” and points to your site is a great thing, this is called natural links. , you can get new links via social media links, and social media marketing, this is free for you , and can spread via Viral Marketing.

At SEOBrain, we can help you with a Search Engine Optimization campaign to help improve your position.